Côté Acheteur property finders on the French Riviera

09 octobre 2011

Côté Acheteur property finders on the French Riviera: ideal for people looking to find a property quickly with a minimum of visits!

-You have a professional transfer in a few months time in Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Sophia Antipolis or any location on the French Riviera, and want to buy a villa or an apartment before moving, and therefore are not yet located there to search the local market….
-You just sold your house or apartment and want to find quickly a new place to live, avoiding multiples moves and relocations, a temporary rent, and additional fees for furniture storage….
-You are decided to buy a property but you are quite busy and have no time to dedicate to property search, and have enough of successive frustrations from visits that don’t really fit your criteria…

Whatever you are looking for: An apartment in Cannes, Nice or Antibes, a villa close to Valbonne or Sophia-Antipolis, or a village house, an old bastide or a property full of charm in the back country, Côté Acheteur Nice Côte d’Azur property finders propose the right service: CÔTÉ ACHETEUR® is leader in dedicated property search services since 2001.

Our job is to help you through your project and ensure we find the best property for you!
-Search « on your behalf » on the whole local real estate market (real estate agencies, direct owners, local partners), to save your time and energy and avoid unnecessary visits. You are in contact with only one person to manage the whole project; we select the properties based on your criteria and send you detailed reports and pictures on the visits we make for you.
-Advise you « in the best of your interests ». We know the local market and area, and ensure we propose properties that fit your needs and objectives.
-Professional and personalized service: from detailed specifications to the finale transaction.

We start searching after having signed a search mandate valid for 3 months and renewable. We do not take up-front fees but only a commission if we succeed.

Caroline AZIERE, manager of Côté Acheteur Nice Côte d’Azur, testifies:« One of our customer called regarding an urgent search for an apartment with terrace in the center of Cannes; She had just sold her apartment in Paris and wanted to find very quickly a new one in Cannes, to avoid renting fees and 2 house moving in a few months. We had only a few weeks to succeed as they wanted to sign the final sales contract in 3 months! After having defined together the detailed specifications and search criteria, we signed the search mandate (scanned and sent through email within the same day), the property finder in Cannes could start the search immediately!
After a couple of weeks of active search through direct owners and real estate agencies, the dedicated property finder had already visited and sent detailed reports for 10 apartments fitting within criteria and budget, and one of them did make the difference ! Although French airlines were on strike at the time, our customer managed to take a train and confirmed his interest for the apartment after a visit organized with the owner, satisfied with the objectivity and details of the visit report and pictures the property finder had sent. The preliminary sales agreement was signed within 5 days after having gathered and controlled all the necessary papers, and the final sales contract was signed within the required timing!
Overall, our customer had to visit by herself only one apartment and, although she was not located in the area, she found the right one within 2 weeks without spending a lot of time to search on the Internet, through real estate magazines and agencies, visiting apartments not fitting… In addition, we managed to negotiate for her a good price slightly under her initial budget! »

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