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02 novembre 2012


Welcome to Côté Acheteur Pays Basque Buyer agents
The best way to find your dream property in Biarritz, Bayonne, St Jean de Luz... and in "Les Landes"

From Biarritz, surfing capital, to the Observatory of the Pic Midi, passing the gentle Basque Mountains, the Atlantic-Pyrenees will welcome you.

It is one department for two cultures :

The  Basque Country with its identifiable landscape and inhabitants who preserve their traditions and living language and

The Béarn heart of Navarre and cradle of King Henry the Good.

Whatever your living requirements might be : whether in a château in Béarn, a Basque dwelling or an apartment overlooking the sea, you are within the centre of multiple sporting activities (golfing, pelote - a Basque sport, trout fishing, cycling) and patrimonial riches that demand nothing more than to be discovered to find a home with the assistance of your Buyer's Agent.

Le Pays-Basque

The coast :

From Hendaye to Bayonne, and continuing to Hossegor, chic resort of Landes. Hendaye, the quasi-Spanish town that faces the first village in outer Bidassoa: Fontarrabia provides direct access to a cove of boats and is an entrance to another world where one can live for a few hours or a few days "à l'espagnol"...

Saint Jean de Luz :

The fishing port of the Basque coast and a royal village. Along with the Maison de l'Infante (home of the future king) , you will see the "maison Lohobiaguenea" on the Louis XIV square : (so named after his childhood home) and Louis XIII style turtledove dwellings known as "maison Louis XIV" which date back to the king's childhood residence from the 8th of May to the 15th of June 1660, prior to his marriage in the Saint Jean-Baptiste church.
The celebrated Bay of St Jean-de-luz with its grand beach dotted by charming elevated homes -"maison à passerelles", testifies to the architecture marvels of the "Belle Epoque".


As you continue along the sea and pass Guéthary, Bidart will take you to the imperial town of Biarritz.
Under the historic expansion of the railways and the then prevalent style of the Empress Eugénie,Biarritz, « the queen of beaches and beach of the king » received widespread acclaim and its popularity has never waned.
In Biarritz the seaside quarters mingle, ala "Milady", with Port-Vieux (Old Port) or near the Grand Beach and the neighborhoods that feel more like a village, such as the Rue d'Espagne or St Charles, with its elegant bourgeois villas.

Inland you will find properties known as "triangle d'or" (Triangle of gold). : Arcangues, Arbonne et Bassussarry, are residential areas just a few minutes from the beaches where the grand Basque style villas are situated together with contemporary structures that respect the local characteristics. Here you will also find numerous golf courses whose reputations are unparalleled.


Bayonne capital of Basque Country

Bayonne, a town rich in its history and traditions, is the heart of the B.A.B. (Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz) that forms a basin housing a population estimated at 200,000.

Cultural and commercial activities are a constant. Your Buyer's Agent is well informed about the regional projects that will increase its allure (IKEA and its commercial zone is scheduled for 2012 and the TGV in 2017 will bring the Basque Coast within three hours of Paris).

 The town is constantly expanding and everyone can find happiness -- from the prestigious communities of Arênes to the new residential district and luxuriant green spaces of Arroussets, from centrally located historic apartments to contemporary villas.

The interior of Basque Country, one strong identity

In the environs of Bayonne and Biarritz, with their well served roads and highways, the interior villages of Basque country, including : St Pierre d'Irube, Mouguerre, Villefranque, Urt, Urcuit, Ascain, Espelette, Saint Pée sur Nivelle, Sare, Hasparren and so many others to be discovered will gain all your attention.

On your way toward Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port, in the valley's interior where, lodged in the hillsides, you will find the typical « etxea », (Basque dwellings with two-sectioned roofs), that have increased in size over time and generations.

In all of the villages there are gastronomic Basque specialties such as piperade (omelette with peppers and tomatoes), piment d'Espelette, gâteau basque (basque cake), poulet basquaise (basque chicken), and cuisine à la plancha to be savored.


Only one hour from the beach, you can take advantage of the mountains and the numerous ski resorts of Gourette or La Mongie and you will be able to take the cable car from Pic du Midi.

At Oloron-Sainte-Marie, Salies de Béarn, Orthez, you will find la garbure, the specialty of the southwest and the songs of the Pyrenees that await you.

As you ascend the numerous gorges that extend to the Adour, you will come to at Pau.

Préfecture des Pyrénées-Atlantiques, This is a city resolutely entrenched in history, with its dominating château - an important stylistic point of departure toward the French Renaissance.

From private estates to bourgeois apartments on the Boulevard de Pyrénées, the urban residential habitations of Pau (Morlaas, Billère, Lescar, Jurançon) to the béarnaise neighboring villages :

 The homes are at times the very image of the gastronomy and the béarnais character; warm and and always ready to enchant you.

Your Buyer's Agent in the Atlantic Pyrenees will be at your side to assist you in making your dream a reality.

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