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Our property finders on the buyer's side!

Established in 2001, CÔTÉ ACHETEUR® specialises in searching for properties on behalf of their clients, handling all aspects of acquisition in the buyer's best interest.

CÔTÉ ACHETEUR® offers a wealth of expertise in all aspects of the French buying process. We use experienced and professional search agents specialised in the local market, together with an efficient network of local partners, private owners and real estate agencies, to ensure that the whole market is covered and that no opportunity is missed in our search to find the perfect property for you.

Property search services

You are looking to buy a property in France, an apartment or villa for a new home or a pied-a-terre, or an investment? You are not around, don't have the time, or just want a professional to secure your investment?

Your property finder will assist and guide you through each step of your home-buying project, from detailed specifications, search, negotiation through to the final transaction, helping you to navigate the complexities of the French system;

Tailor-made "Duo pack": sell to buy!

You need to sell a property in order to finance your new home? You are not around, or don't have the time to sell your property and search for the new one? You don't know the local market place and price?

Our property finders have succeeded, since 2001, in our mission to assist private owners with double project: Sell to buy.

From one place to another, thanks to our experience and knowledge of the local market and geography, ensuring that all advice given is in your very best interest, we manage and synchronise both transactions, avoiding bridging loans or temporary rental.

Tailor-made rental services

You are looking for a property to rent?

Our property finders help you in all required steps, selecting villas or apartments in line with your request, checking required criteria, guiding you through administrative papers, and assisting you for the rental agreement. If necessary, he can also help you with the relocation and ensure your move happens within the best conditions.

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No up-front fees!
Our commission is due only if we succeed

We do not charge upfront fees (As required by the French regulation - Article 6 of the law "loi Hoguet" N°70-9 from 2nd of January 1970), but only a commission if we succeed, with written contract ensuring security, confidentiality and professional ethics.

For transactions: Côté Acheteur's commission is due only upon transaction.

Our commission id due only once all the suspensive conditions have been satisfied, at the closing signature at the latest.

Côté Acheteur's commission varies between 2 and 6% including Tax depending on the area of search and on the transaction channel:
  • 1. For a transaction with private owners, we align our commission to the average commission applied by local real estate agencies
  • 2. For a transaction through a real estate agency, they are either shared with the agency, either reduced to by 30 to 40%.

    Note: Our commercial policy is to ensure that we cover the entire local real estate market. However, a few real estate agencies do not accept to share their commission. Therefore in that case, we have to adapt to the agency holding the sell, and reduce our fee to allow our clients to purchase the selected property.

To confirm local rate, please request an estimate to the relevant local property finder.

For rental services: our fees are on average 2 months of rent excluding Tax, with a minimum of 2 500 € excluding Tax.

On demand services

You are looking for a property and need help and advice, but don't want complete search service.

Tell us what you want and we will adjust our services and price to your needs!

Our professional property finders will bring their expertise where and when you need them: they can help at each step upon request, for specific advice on the SRU documentation or buying process, during negotiation, or to validate your finale choice before signing.

For each specific on demand service within the buying process, we will keep in mind the buyer's interest!

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